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  • ''Analyse Before You Finalize'''
    Your thoughts are powerful. If you know how to express it..
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  • ''When you climb;
    Don't count your steps.....
    it will only make you tired...
    Instead focus on your Destination.....
    - Ryson D'souza''
    Simple Thought
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  • ''Haters Makes Me Stronger
    Critics Makes Me Powerful
    Cause They Point Out my Mistakes
    Motivate Me Towards Perfection''
    Never be underestimated.. Think positive
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  • ''Work To Make Your Life Wonderful
    Don't Let Your Work overpower your Life
    Make Life Miserable''
    Approach towards work
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  • '''Talent is an Inbuilt Configuration in every human being
    that is used by some and unknown by a many! ! '''
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  • '''Dreams are thoughts that comes in your mind; when you are a sleep'''
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  • '''Gaining experience is my motive...
    Sharing experience is my Goal..
    Learn the hard way & make it easy for the others..'''
    Knowledge Sharing....
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  • ''The truth of life is that reality is not acceptable by human... And the human that accepts reality is denied to be true..''
    Fact of life
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  • ''To be the best you don't have to beat the best... You just Need to Move on without giving up! !''
    Believe in yourself
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  • ''Life is an Open Play Ground Surrounded by competitors..
    If you can face them and move ahead...
    you can Achieve your Goal...
    Else your are clean bowled..''
    Life Ways....
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Best Poem of Ryson D'souza


Days turned to night
& the calendar changed
Waiting for the right thing
When time looked strange.

Students wait for holidays
So they can have fun
Officers wait for promotion
Hoping the day will soon come.

Farmers wait for harvest
So they can feed
For your lunch and dinner
They are the ones to bleed

Waiting is not just hope
Its patience, faith and devote.
It's a belief you know will come true
Your wait; will bring a minute to you

Whatever you wait
You will find
Cause it's written in your destiny
And it's underlined.

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Fear not within your soul
Cause fear brings a Snare
We begin to lose self Control
& Trapped Everywhere

Fear not of Failure
Cause it's not yet arrived
Success can be achieved
Only if we have tried

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