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Rookie (June 30,1989 / South Bend, Indiana)

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I think that i have been through a lot in my life that most do not experience. Such things that i do not wish to put. Everything that i have been through, however, no matter how horrible they were, i would not change a thing. My past made me who i am today. The strong woman today, just trying to make it in this world. That's such a cliche i know, but it holds true. i have a nearly good life going for me. i am with a guy i think is the 'one'. I have hopes of starting a family with him one day, hopefully soon. I am a manager at where i work. Its not the best paying job, nor the job i ever seen myself in, but its a secure job, that i am lucky enough to have. as there are people in this world who have none.
I write a lot and over time everything that i have written will hopefully be posted for everyone to see. The things i write: poems and short stories: may not be the best, but it is for me to judge. as i see writing is a form of arts. there are many ways to go about writing, and many forms of writing. Like art, writing is subjective. everyone will view it differently, some positive, others negative. the only thing that matters is the artist gets their view point across, whether its on paper or a form of a painting or sculptor.

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Starting Anew

You may not be perfect but you’re definitely perfect for me

No matter where we are, when we’re together, you’re the only one I see

When it comes to our future, I hope I’ll always be in your life

One, day, I hope, you’ll view me as your lil wife

I’ve made mistakes but I learn and I grow

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