S. J. Fulton

Rookie (NoAB / USA)

Biography of S. J. Fulton

Former career USN officer (Vietnam era) , now member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace. Divorced. One married son, Gulf War veteran. A granddaughter. Began writing, editing, illustrating in grammar school, continued until retirement. 20+ books & government pamphlets, articles, illustrations in books and magazines, poetry published in 'little magazines'. Active in Unitarian Universalist church, economic & social justice, peace & alternate energy. Haven't watched TV in years. BA Linguistics (English) : MA Medieval History and Philosophy.

S. J. Fulton's Works:

Power Unlimited-or P.U. (comic book, wrote & illustrated, EAE) : Save Energy: Save Money (U.S. Govt) : Producing Your Own Power (editor & contributor, Rodale) : Alternative Sources of Energy: Practical Technology and Philosophy for a Decentralized Society (Seabury) : Royal Castle Building in Medieval England (SCA booklet) : The Path of Knowledge (Unitarian Universalist Assoc.) , etc.

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Drought Deterred

Staten Island summer.
Lawns dry and bleached as sand,
leaves withering like wrinkled old men
while we sog and sweat
in air thick as a bathtub sponge.
How can so much water hang in the hot sky
for so many weeks,
sculpting endless clouds
that tease with sly promise,

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