s./j. goldner

Rookie (March 2nd,1984 / USA)

s./j. goldner Poems

121. Confidence At The Collar 5/31/2006
122. Id. Transferred Guilt Or Grief 9/12/2006
123. No Vacancy: Rant 9/17/2006
124. Untitled 3 11/10/2006
125. Backfire 11/12/2007
126. Start, Stop, Bulimia. 1/4/2007
127. Mad To Love, Mad To Hate 5/6/2006
128. Monarch 10/30/2006
129. Passage 5/21/2006
130. Wishy Washy Like Sidelining A Car Wash 3/14/2007
131. Testified 8/27/2006
132. Divergent Kingdom Come 5/4/2006
133. Day 3/Brooklyn Sound Bar 5/27/2006
134. Only As Loud As The Complaints You Make. 11/19/2006
135. You'Re Not A Standard; I Just Have You On A Pedastol 9/10/2007
136. End Justifies The Means 8/29/2007
137. Worlds Apart 3/31/2008
138. Kiss Me Shallow 11/15/2007
139. Delusional Illusion 5/14/2006
140. Coffee Gal 12/11/2006
141. Youthful Indiscretion 9/17/2007
142. Waves 5/25/2006
143. Yield 8/5/2006
144. Oceanic Bliss 5/1/2006
145. Father's Laundry 4/28/2007
146. Melodrama 'Dear Mr. Disney, Sir' 3/6/2008
147. By The Bedside 10/20/2008
148. Come September, Come Now. 9/9/2007
149. Untitled 4 1/13/2007
150. Us Girls 5/26/2006
151. To Answer Your Question 12/17/2006
152. Crossroads Canteen 5/29/2006
153. Christmas Eve 2/8/2007
154. Dear Lindsey 12/8/2006
155. Sea Takes The Ship, The 10/10/2007
156. People Like Consistency 8/30/2006
157. Postscript 8/29/2006
158. So Appropriate 5/22/2006
159. Catalyst, The 2/23/2007
160. Transcendental Brilliance 3/29/2007

Comments about s./j. goldner

  • Mary X (9/16/2006 7:00:00 PM)

    The raw-ness, the girtty depth, the Susan jane Goldner 1984 makes Susan jane Goldner's poetry.

    Her poetry is universal and personal at the same time, something that only a remote selection of poets can achieve.

    Keep writing Susan jane Goldner. and yes, I like repeating your name..

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  • K. Jared Hosein K. Jared Hosein (8/28/2006 2:39:00 PM)

    After reading much of your poems, I think I can comfortably say that you portray a side of human nature that is not normally sailed into - or it is, and we just brush it away from our mind's eye. But you display it in portraits, usually so succinct (appropriately, I might add) but potent, that embed themselves into the reader's (at least my) mind. Finding those little odd trinkets in everyday life makes the humanity in your poems quite puissant and unlike alot of the stuff I have read.

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  • Will Barber (7/8/2006 12:12:00 AM)

    The Poems of Susan Jane Goldner explore the Heights and depthS of huMan experience. Humor is a characteristic device - second only to beauty - of her techniques.

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  • Joy Vanderhelm (6/10/2006 11:15:00 AM)

    I wish I had more space and more time and I would display properly the array of emotion I come in contact with while reading your poetry. Absolutely brilliant in its depth and language. Your use of color and form and tone are amazing. The knowledge you posssess and the experiences you've had make for the best poetry I've read in a long while. I think that given a few more years we'll be looking at yet another success story in the world of published poetry. The best and the worst of this world as well as everyday happenings (which in my opinion make the greatest poems) are all reflected in your poetry. Take care and keep that pen full!

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  • Maxim Muyu (6/8/2006 1:59:00 AM)

    Your knowledge of poetry is seeing worldwide as a beauty of nature and creation, keep up sue, God bless you now and forever.

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  • Lauren Michaels (5/31/2006 5:38:00 PM)

    You startle me. The variety, the detail, the depth. Startling.

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  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (5/11/2006 10:16:00 AM)

    you conjure some strong and magnificent stuff. you're certainly talented and brave. i'd love to find your poetry 20 years from now and forget all about Dickinson.


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  • Jackson Kilroy (5/4/2006 5:43:00 PM)

    Great stuff! Keep it coming.

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  • Adryan Barnathan (5/2/2006 1:33:00 AM)

    Such a slick chick for a youngling~! You are wise beyond your years. I love your style. It is frank and to the point! Just keep writing.

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Best Poem of s./j. goldner

21 And Rising

my words fill in blank memories,
while images of you stay fresh like ocean air—
weaved in my soul like the braids of my hair.

an addict of wrong addictions,
but so sweet is the taste
until you discover—life comes un-laced.

twenty-one and rising:
you were the only love I didn't borrow
kiss me now for I know of no tomorrow.

lost souls are but shooting stars;
I wish I may, I wish I might—
with two black freckles turned to the night.

two decades plus one
and to be a lover was my only care,
when in fact, it's the impossible I ...

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For Honesty’s Sake

you have to know,
it’s too good to be true
you must know,
it’s too good to be true—
just in case
you didn’t know
that it’s too good to be
I’m telling you.

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