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1. I Am Bound! 12/29/2007
2. Oversight 1/2/2008
3. Almost Too Late 3/24/2008
4. Waves! ! ! ! ! ! ! 4/1/2008
5. There's A Smell In The Air 6/15/2008
6. Other Days 6/16/2008
7. Break Me! 6/20/2008
8. Speaking With The Spirits 8/3/2008
9. What Was That Lie Again? 8/3/2008
10. A One Cock Hard As Rock World 8/3/2008
11. After Midnight 8/3/2008
12. Robert Soldiered On 8/3/2008
13. There's A Corner 8/3/2008
14. A Contradiction Of Circumstance 8/3/2008
15. Existence Null 8/3/2008
16. The Voices...For Bukowski 8/8/2008
17. The Mortality Of Dreams 10/12/2008
18. There's Something Broken 12/3/2007
19. Nothings Coming Out 12/3/2007
20. An Absence Of You 12/6/2007
21. Lost Light 12/8/2007
22. Back It Up 12/8/2007
23. Life's Little Rag 12/8/2007
24. Fair Enough 12/8/2007
25. Into The Void 12/7/2007
26. Take Aim And Fire 8/3/2008
27. When The Chin Hits The Chest 12/3/2007
28. Yellow Light 12/3/2007
29. I'M Writing To The Wind 8/3/2008
30. Because I Said So! 8/3/2008
31. It Made Me Think Of You 8/3/2008

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It Made Me Think Of You

I got stung by a bee today
the pain made me think of you
I dug at the pointed barb embedded in my flesh
It made me think of you

The tiny creature lay dead at my feet
Looking up at me to view my pain
Having given it's very existence to hurt me
It made me think of you

I dug deep to remove the poisoned barb
The flesh red and swollen
I cursed and danced about
To crush that tiny creature that had injured me so badly
It made me think of you

another one for Bukowski

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Into The Void

by S. Michael Downs

Into the void I launch these words
Adrift in a sea of souls
Like leaves of a fallen tree
They live, die and nourish again
new growth from the void
springs eternal the love and anger
the hope and frustration.

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