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saadat tahir poet

Born and bred in Pakistan; Aquarian

…a medical doctor by profession-postgraduate qualifications in Radiology.
My hobbies includes indoor plants, interiors and woodwork… and making friends.... :)

I am a diehard audiophile. I consider myself a wide eyed student…ready to listen learn and improve.
I loved poetry when I was at school, started writing decades back while at cadet high continued through to King Edward Medical College. I had been writing poetry but I never published.
Freedom from bondage in all forms and colours, Love and universal brotherhood are my cherished values.
I am an incorrigible romanticist, I love music… instrumentals especially
My influences are Allamama Sir Mohammad Iqbal with whom I share my birth place., Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Ahmad Faraz, & Faiz Ahmed Faiz in urdu verse.
Edgar Allan Poe, Pope, Shakespeare. Somerset Maugham, Franz Kafka, Alberto Moravia and the classical Russian literati are my favourite poets/authors.
I enjoy and read other poetry/prose as well.

Random Ideas:
Beyond Understanding…Life Is Cruel but beautiful and wholesome too.
I believe…That ultimately beauty and satisfaction resides in love and truth. Reality however stark painful and tortuous is the template upon which one can build an edifice and measure the purity of discourse. The imaginative the surreal and the archaic, I feel, too stem from this very basic rule. This is mother earth with all its rainbows shams tangibles successes failures and the myriad drudgeries; we cannot escape those but for a few moments in our mind…bring it out in ideas and words…that is the poets canvas…that is were romantics and realists converge to weave and knit fabrics to clothe life and existence…I am proud to be among that select class… to do my bit as best as I can.
As we zip through our lives and observe the reality unfold…we tend to dress it in ideas and words…we come closer to nature. The closer we come to nature - the more we are filled with peace and inner satisfaction.
I am logged in to learn and express. I find Poem Hunter a very useful site for poets of all shades hues ages and expertise levels…from a smattering of places across the world; knit in the world of poetic expression that transcends geographic ethnic and religious barriers.. a truly utopian and global community. It is doubly encouraging for those voices, like mine, that would never have reached beyond themselves or their drawing rooms...
I write my mind...I'm not an expert poet just someone who likes to read and write...if your poem is good people will surely read it like it and praise it.

All my Poems are original works and ideas and are subject to copyright Saadat Tahir 2009 copying of any of my work will be pursued under the relevant legal clauses of laws against plagiarism and all copyright laws…national and international.
I took some ideas from our colleague Fiona Davidson…whose permission I sought and got. I thank her now! To poetry then!

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O…… Will You Justice!

This poem was written as a rejoinder to a pliant, govt sponsered judiciary in Pakistan, the deposed chief justice has since been restored to his rightful place as a result of a popular uprising by the people of Pakistan. The main stumbling block was the president of pakistan himself (President Asif Ali Zardari)

Will someone soothe the raw for me?
Will someone chink the flaw for me?
Will someone heed the law for me?
O’ Will you feed my ma for me?
I have no tears to wet my eyes.
Nor h

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