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Although Kozakli Agustos1954 Nevsehir-27 in the village 4 of 7 siblings As the world has come to. His mother Nazende lady meadows that are harvested in June, had come into the world record, but the population was born in August, is being written. Taa elementary school teacher, played instrumental accompaniment of Mr. Hussein, saying Songs and Songs of Anatolia was infatuation. Primary education in his native village, middle school and high school Kozak High School in Commerce City was completed. In 1971 he went to Istanbul for higher education. Both here and tonight was a complete learning literacy in national newspapers, the intelligence chief and correspondent of the study was completed. Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy in 1976 and graduated from Istanbul. Istanbul and in various positions in the private sector in Kayseri found. Experts in Government service under contract twice, but he served as a kind of peace could not be together with the government, but eight years, Propert industry has done in his retirement. Our Anatolian, an interpreter, the author of the newspapers every day, and Turkey, was chief correspondent and intelligence. He wrote articles for magazines and the State customs. Almost famous politicians and business leaders in journalism, he met with state leaders, with many of his interviews, and comments about their article was written. Kayseri published 'City of Poets Anthology' and published in the City 'Anthology of Poets anthology Poets' joined the. In numerous magazines and newspapers, poems and essays were published. ANASAM headquarters is located in Kayseri - Anatolia Science and Literature Works Owners Association was founded and headed the Public. City People's Poet of the old name, the Anatolia Cultural Center, Poets, Writers, Poets of the Honorary President of the Union in 2006 was elected general assembly. is also the owner Anasam monthly newsletter and called Anatolia Sevda directed the publication of literary culture, art magazine, Anasan ownership issues and Kayseri in Kayseri offset daily newspaper columnist is Sea Mail. Behalf of Fixed Fine Arts Award since 2003 are given. In his work, love, love, sufi, society, religion, justice has been committing such themes. Especially in Anatolia, centered on concepts of standing, that all interests in magazines and newspapers, and founded and chaired the organization's name, an association for all of Anatolia Anatolia is passionately in love. Fixed fine because, according to the Anatolia always lagging behind, has been deprived and not overcome a kind of fortune makus. Anatolia again for her own children by breaking the shell, and their efforts deserve to be where is the seat. Beliefs and ideas that have always lived with a fixed fine, all movement and action has been taken to prevent conception in Anatolia. Looking at the names of already published books and magazines are also clearly visible. Hececi of Anatolia Anatolia Anatolia poetry anthologies, such as name must pass all everywhere. Yellow press card with journalists, researchers.
Works [edit]
Books [edit]
• And we have the same wind Disposition 1994
• Love Fever 1996
• The glazed-silent rows 1999ISBN 9789756763087
Preparation for publication of his book [edit]
• Anatolia Poetry Anthology 1 ISBN 9789756763360
• Anatolia Poetry Anthology 2,1994, ISBN 975-8941-00-3
• Anatolia Poetry Anthology 3 ISBN 975-8941-01-1
• Anatolia Poetry Anthology 4 ISBN 9789758941063
• Anatolia Poetry Anthology 5
• Anasam Poetry Anthology 1
• Poetry Anthology 2 Anasam ISBN 9789756763438
• Anatolia Hececi 1 ISBN 975-6763-06-3
• Anatolia and 2 ISBN 975-6763-11-7 Hececi
• Anatolia Hececi 3
• Anatolia Hececi 4 ISBN 975-6763-27-2
• Anatolia Hececi 5 ISBN 9789756763421
• Anatolia Hececi 6 ISBN 9789756763476
• Once Upon a Time City 1 ISBN 978-975-8941-05-6
• ISBN 978-975-8941-03-2 A SMILE
• Puzzle Solutions Guide ISBN 978-975-8941-02-5
• I can not think about myself, ISBN 9756763175
• bleeding wound 'Sweetheart Poems 'ISBN 9759319960
Awards [edit]
1999 Journal Articles • Our Generation Award (third place)
• Our Generation Magazine Poetry Awards 1999 (Honorable Mention)
• 1999 Poets Poetry Magazine Awards (Honorable Mention)
• 2006 City of Greater Turkish Poetry Award for Distinguished Service (Service Award)
• 2006 City Health Directorate of Turkish Science Education Institute, the Service Award (Service Award)
• Editor of the Year 2006 Journal of Antalya Gulluk (second prize)
• 2007 Ankara Homeland NEWSPAPER - DAY YAYINEVI 3 LITERARY AWARDS (author of the Year Award)
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• Songs of
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Over Fire/ as kin ates i
Si rli söz suskun sati rlar
Ve ayni rüzgarla savrulduk
Anatolia Poetry Anthology Anadolu siir antolojisi
Anadolu hececileri
2007 poetry anthology Updates

Oops... My Mustafa

Oops.... my Mustafa
oh my, Mustafa, oops..
much closer to me.
they hit a mark that on the back,
your hands, nails digging if you can not delete.
They love, like a dried up river,
They are also devoted to water,
water is unable to see the bats.
From the light, Nurdan fear,

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