SaBrInA aKa AnGeL aArOn

Biography of SaBrInA aKa AnGeL aArOn

Hello my name is sanrina aka angel everyone calls me that becaues they truly think i am becaues of everything i went throw and saw and i'm still here to day and still keep a smile on my face lots of things are going on in my life mostly bad right now but i know they will get better they have be for i mean i've seen things that most 20-30 year olds havn't seen and don't get me worng i'm not braging i've just been throw to much to give up and thats one of the main reasons i write is to get it all out becaues i feel like i can NEVER GET IT ALL OUT SO I TRY BY WRITING Updates

We Know It Wasn'T You

I want you to know i'm sitting here sad an alone waiting for you to come home
Can't you see i need you you here with me?

I know its not your falt DON'T think i'm blaming you i'm hopless with out you I know you didn't do it I know some other did and instead of them looking and convicting the pointed and blame but DON'T WORRY daddy inside they'll always feel ashamed

What they did wasn't justice what they did was frame and now your paying the price of another mans sick game

We all know

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