Sabrina Perry

Rookie (july 3rd 1993 / Ontario)

Sabrina Perry Poems

1. Find Yourself First 4/8/2009
2. The Walls (Work In Progress) 4/9/2009
3. Empty World, Empty Me (Work In Progress) 4/9/2009
4. Innocence Lost 4/14/2009
5. Friend Or Foe? 4/27/2009
6. Forgive Me 9/13/2009
7. Living Transparent 10/4/2009
8. What's The Point? 10/4/2009
9. Goodbye To All Of Men 10/25/2009
10. My Realization - Me Rambaling 10/29/2009
11. We Will Not Forget Them 11/2/2009
12. If Only They Knew... 4/6/2009
13. You 4/6/2009
14. Becoming One 4/7/2009
15. Darkest Day 4/7/2009
16. Pride 11/3/2009
17. Under My Knife 11/3/2009
18. Sticks And Stones 5/24/2010
19. Confused 4/6/2009
20. Lost Love. 11/2/2009
21. There's No Point In Being Fake 4/8/2009

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Best Poem of Sabrina Perry

There's No Point In Being Fake

I can see right through you
whether you like it or not
you put on your little show
like your the hottest of the hot

You act like thier barbie doll
you dress how they tell you to dress
even if it's killing you inside
you mustn't be different from the rest

There's nothing wrong with being different
unlike being fake and unture
if they can't except you for who you are
they don't deserve being friends with you

The advice that I can give you
that I hope that you will take
is be who you are no matter what
there's no point ...

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Find Yourself First

Our days of life are limited and yet when I look upon the world so many waste their precious days away.

There's so much to see, so much to do, so much to be apart of and so much to conquere, so why stand by and wait for life to happen.

Be a free spirit, show the world your soul, expose your true self and don't be afraid of the judgement, embrase it.

Be vulnerable to new things and let yourself go. Let yourself explore the wonders of all kinds and find who you are.

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