Sadashivan Nair

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Sadashivan Nair Poems

1. O' Beautiful Lady... Think Before Imagining, You Are Alone In Lonley Room 2/17/2015
2. What Is Economics? I Don'T Know... 2/27/2015
3. Hey! I Am Pretty Dame... Always Surrounded By Lads... 4/4/2015
4. An Egg If Breaks From Outside 4/29/2015
5. Rose Blossoms, Petals Flourish, Most Colourful In Its Peak... 4/30/2015
6. Positive Lies Hidden In Negative, A Door Within Negative... 5/4/2015
7. I Am An Aged Dusky Man, Like A Bottle Of Bordeaux Wine... 5/5/2015
8. Still You Say Child Labour' Is Wrong 5/7/2015
9. No Bloom Claims Honey Is Mine 5/12/2015
10. Never Lose Hope 5/15/2015
11. Past Opens Door To Present, Present Is Road To Future 5/15/2015
12. Love At First Sight 5/21/2015
13. I Still Remember, You Gave Painful Love 12/18/2015
14. Silk Luxury Filament; To Adorn The Beauty, 12/19/2015
15. Bombyx Mori Larva, Weaves Shiny Fibril, As Safety Shield 12/19/2015
16. The Journey Of Mine, To World Of Imaginary Dreams 12/20/2015
17. I Love You Christmas, You Love All 12/23/2015
18. Go On Keep Moving, Until Reach Destiny 1/19/2016
19. Never Get Dragged 1/19/2016
20. Shattered I Am 1/24/2016
21. Extroverts Are Open Cards, Show Up All Inside Heart 2/24/2016
22. An Inamorato Praised Her Man 3/2/2016
23. Tip Tip Drizzling Drops, Wets Her Dress 3/5/2016
24. True Love Is Mom, True Love Is Pop 3/18/2016
25. Aim Of Life Is To Move 3/19/2016
26. Never One Is Happy, With No Contentment Inside 3/21/2016
27. O Beau Ye Treated Me, As Jollity Clay Toy 3/24/2016
28. Hauteur In Bling Bling 4/6/2016
29. You Are So Close, Yet Too Far 9/7/2016
30. Is This Love? 9/8/2016
31. O Mother Thou No Woman 9/14/2016
32. Paradise 9/24/2016
33. Quak, Quak, Quak 9/26/2016
34. In Pursuit Of Heaven And God 10/1/2016
35. Is This Love 10/6/2016
36. Freedom 10/12/2016
37. Dad 10/14/2016
38. Mother Goddess 10/21/2016
39. When You Lose Integrity, You Lose Identity Too. 10/25/2016
40. A Teen Age Girl Complains Her Mom) 10/26/2016

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Best Poem of Sadashivan Nair

Drops Like Dew From Sky

Drops like dew from sky,
Fall tip tip slowly,
Lands on ground;
Tipsy odour of petrichor,
Stimulates ambiance sexy;
Tiny plants rise above,
The shells cracking open;
Seek fresh moist and bloom;
Breeze flows in tinge,
Cool magical music,
As if saying,
'Feel my touch, if you can';
Entire ambiance turns on;
Stimulates my soul
In dark cloudy nights;

© Sadashivan Nair

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Never Get Dragged

A poet said in his poem;
Never get dragged,
In worldly glowing sheen;
Will pull you in its marsh,
Its inebriation is so poisonous,
Once you are in,
won't easy for you to come out;

© Sadashivan Nair

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