Sadashivan Nair

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Sadashivan Nair Poems

81. Distanced Natural World 8/3/2016
82. Set Me Free From Your Fishnet 1/23/2017
83. Hey You Lord, Your Super Natural Powers 1/27/2017
84. Destiny 1/29/2017
85. Ladder Of Life 1/31/2017
86. O Pretty Baby 2/1/2017
87. A Story Of An Introverted Love 2/2/2017
88. Is This Love I Don't Know 2/6/2017
89. Weave Family Tissue 2/13/2017
90. Why, Oh Why, My Mom, Don't See My Cry 2/21/2017
91. Road 3/2/2017
92. Jerusalem 'a City Of Peace' 3/10/2017
93. Hey Ye Juvenile Rose 3/22/2017
94. O Baby, O Baby, Come Back To Your Home 3/24/2017
95. Candle Light Dinner 3/28/2017
96. Am A Homeless Man 3/29/2017
97. This Is The World Humans Want 3/30/2017
98. Hey Ye Sun, Oh Ye So Hot; 4/4/2017
99. The First Step Of Walk; 4/19/2017
100. Future Modern Life 5/4/2017
101. Don't Care Who One Is 5/4/2017
102. Lost Love Is Still Love 5/15/2017
103. Human Humanity 5/20/2017
104. Life Is Lake 5/22/2017
105. 'Surya Namaskar' 5/30/2017
106. The Future World For Kids 6/8/2017
107. Book For Drean 6/14/2017
108. All Alone In Journey Of Life 6/15/2017
109. Have Scent Of Your Own 6/16/2017
110. Realization Of A Man While Dying 6/23/2017
111. Love And Friendships Are Tools To Live On Earth 12/4/2015
112. Some Stranger Came, Quietly Broke Into My Soul 12/6/2015
113. All Have Beauty, Some Smell Good, Some Look Good 12/12/2015
114. Love Is When, Ye Like The One 12/18/2015
115. Gusset Of Rose 6/29/2017
116. How You See 6/29/2017
117. Never Knew Where, What Is God 7/5/2017
118. Thy Fingers Like Petals 7/6/2017
119. Thine World, Is No More Thine 7/9/2017
120. Wicked Cancer 7/19/2017

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Best Poem of Sadashivan Nair

Drops Like Dew From Sky

Drops like dew from sky,
Fall tip tip slowly,
Lands on ground;
Tipsy odour of petrichor,
Stimulates ambiance sexy;
Tiny plants rise above,
The shells cracking open;
Seek fresh moist and bloom;
Breeze flows in tinge,
Cool magical music,
As if saying,
'Feel my touch, if you can';
Entire ambiance turns on;
Stimulates my soul
In dark cloudy nights;

© Sadashivan Nair

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Love At First Sight

My soul radiated when saw you first,
Heart pulsated in rythmatic tone;
Emotions dragged pulled me down,
Words began in lyrical quotes,
'Love will last even with no world';
It was love at first sight...
Aroma of rose when you were around;
Breeze was cool even in summer hot,
Even pain showed up sign of heal,

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