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A Lady Writing A Letter To Her Beloved

Dear S,
I will not say there was
None ever like you,
That you are
Supreme: that every way your qualities
Outweigh those of all men, each to each.
I will not say all that,
That I am in love
And love is blind.

Dear S,
I will not say
My love is reasonable,
That in thus writing to you
I make much sense;
That any piece of good logic
Can justify the ultimate purport, message, meaning
Of these senseless words,
Or can point out
What worldly goal they ever mean to reach.
My words are lost souls
Like reckless creatures ...

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Giving Birth

(October 2004) .

I am giving birth-
birth to new life.
After the labour of these
last few days
he’s coming, look!
My sweet child.