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Born in Wana, South Waziristan Agency, in the north west of Pakistan, belonging to Ahmed Zai Wazir tribe, a medical doctor by qualification, now in civil service, I loved poetry when I was in school. In later years I studied some Urdu and Pashto poets. The passion remained with me for quite a long time.I had been wrting poems but I have not published any.
Universal Freedom and Love are my cherished values.I am incorrigible romantic, and love music.
My influences are Jalaluddin Rumi, Hafiz sherazi, Umar Khayyam, Asadullah Khan Ghalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
Frederick Von Schiller and Shakespeare are my favourite western poets/authors.
I like the poetry of Pablo Neruda.
I am here to learn and off course express. I find Poem Hunter very useful for the budding poets and for those whose voices would never reach beyond themselves.

Sadiqullah Khan's Works:

Dr Sadiqullah Khan Wazir, belongs to Wana, South Waziristan Pakistan. He is a prolific writer of poetry in English, and draws inspiration from literary traditions of his region. His poetry is contemporary, socially conscious, with progressive flavors and highlights the issues of the common human being with great sensitivity. He is author of four books, The Voices, Chaos of Being and The songs of Other Times and A Forgotten Song. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.
The author also manages two groups, The Voices and Generation 21 and a Page, The Voices on the Facebook with global membership and participation. His avant-garde works have received widespread recognition and appreciation from writers and readers alike.
The author can be reached @ https: //www.facebook.com/sadiqullah.khan.92

Books by the Author –Sadiqullah Khan

The Voices

In the exotic lands of mystery lived people with blue stones seen under the running water of underground channels. The night brought in some spirits who would sit on the tall, heavy mud walls to talk to the living. Reality unfolded itself like the slow idle cloud that would interrupt the coolness of the moon and stars were seen as immensely bright, studded on the dark sky above. On this earth of bounty did spring love with small interruptions from torrential rains and invading Armageddon, who were resisted. The black veil of silver love had no bounds. Then, in this humanism, came new ideas and now the realities are challenging the solitude of the valley. I did not speak every one's heart here: that would need many more lives to live.
These verses are written in free verse form, at times neoclassical, and go on to modern. Some writings are descriptive. Augmented reality in the perspective of deeply embedded symbolism of romance and metaphysics is juxtaposed. The imagery, metaphor, and symbols draw from the eastern tradition of poetics. Sometimes the expression is straight and at others, it is eligiac and mystery shrouds a theme. The aim is to bridge from this tradition to the modern, and also to provide a glimpse of oriental thought to the reader.

Createspace USA (1st edition) 2010
@ http: //www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1452870365/ref

KAAF Publications D.I.Khan (2nd edition) 2011

Chaos of Being

Blasting away from mystification, the author explores the complexity of reality in tandem with time and space; the dialectics as if reaching subtle climax, and avoiding coinage of misnomers, a common human legacy is sought, sometimes in romance and at others in anguish. There is a marked departure from the past and freedom of spirit finds new corners of expression. Each line is a statement and each word coming out from some kind of dark silence.

Fact Publications Lahore 2012

The Songs of Other Times

The poems border on existential despair, touching peaks of mysticism and romance. Of immense rhythmic beauty, the lines are lyrical and melodious. Deeply humane, contemporary and setting new tone in modern literature, the author, indulges in life, to find his soul in a culture and society that is in the throes of violent change.

Jumhoori Publications Lahore 2013

A Forgotten Song

An existential despair with romantic mysticism, a collection of contemporary verse rooted in tradition and aspiring aesthetic beauty, it flows like a river and silent like a pond splashing indelible impressions on the mind’s canvas. A forgotten song is sagacious with realism and draws inspiration from common human dolours.

Aquillrelle (1st edition) 2013
@http: //www.aquillrelle.com/authorsadiqullah.htm

Jumhoori Publications Lahore (2nd edition) 2013

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