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Sadistic Cupid Poems

1. Hye Revisited 2/7/2006
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20. All You Had To Do Was Try! 1/3/2010
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27. How Big Of A Threat Does Love Pose? 12/8/2009
28. Frustration 2/14/2006
29. Have You Ever? 1/24/2006
30. A Simple Dream 2/2/2006
31. In Love, Yet Tired Of Waiting 6/5/2006

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In Love, Yet Tired Of Waiting

I want simply to be loved as I love you.
If that seems to much then you never catch up.
'IN LOVE, ' I never wanted to feel this way,
yet for you I thought it worth the chase.
However I never got my place
Love was you race, so why couldn't you keep the pace.
I 'm both a king and a prince, but I feel in love and haven't felt that way since.
I thought I should have you because of all the time spent.
It was you who said my blacked heart didn't make any sense,
So why in darkness I only payed for my consequence.
So why would I remain with you?
I'd say I'm writing ...

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One Wish

If I had one wish I would wish for a better me, because the world is full of hostility.
I would want a better reality, but that's just not realistic to me.

I hope and I pray maybe somehow, some day that this world would be a better place.
I only place hope in the next generation, since mine smile upon the world with twisted faces.

If I had one wish I wish for somebody who understands me completely,
Instead of rushing to persecute me because of this society.

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