Sagnik Das

Rookie - 0 Points (September 10,1991 / Calcutta, India)

Biography of Sagnik Das

Sagnik Das was born in Calcutta, India, on September 10,1991 and continues residing there, enrolled as a freelance writer and theologian. He also engages (albeit seldom) in voice-over and narrative works. An avid admirer of Classical poetry, he takes pleasure in composing poems on varied aspects - a trait he zealously pursues (as a passion) - relishing its mellow essence, whenever he happens to find himself in complete solitude... Updates

Senile Sentimentality

I am the old dog, lean lean and frail,
Driven away by his master –
One harsh wintry eve; amid
the lashing wrath of snow and hail …..

Down the dusty pavement ;
By some darkling road forlorn;
In dreary hush of silence,
I wander aimless dusk to morn.

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