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she is perfect all the time
specially when she smile
she have sweet lips
specially when she kiss

Pure Love

My heart
why you are beating so hard?
My mind
why you became so blind?

4 Years And I'm Still Waiting For Love

I don't know if you are going to forgive me one day
But what i know is, that i will never forget you anyway
I'm still waiting, hoping, smoking and thinking about all what we use to have
Caring, kissing, hugging seems like it was yesterday.

My Girl

Small girl with a beautiful smile
makes my life better all the times
I'm wondering where she is rite now
because i can't get her out of my mind

I Can't Smile

I want to smoke until I get so high
I want to smoke until the sun rise
Another day, another sleepless night
Without you girl I can't smile

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age 20
from Tunisia
i write true emotions that i feel and my story's
i have same Eng problems i am trying to fix-it.
thanks ;)

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