Sailendra Narayan Tripathy

Rookie (july 22nd / India)

Biography of Sailendra Narayan Tripathy

Sailendra Narayan Tripathy poet

Born a decade and half after the assanition of Gandhi, Prof.Dr.Sailendra Narayan, completed his PH.D on Allen Ginsberg, is a Rotarian, Editor of Poesie India International, violently reacts to the age he is born or condemned to.Always beginning, he is in search of a depth poetry, the openness to experience, the psycholigical insight and integrity.

Dr.Tripathy loves more of obscurity, than publicity has published books like''The Trapped Word'', an anthology of Contemporary poetry and his own 'I AM PHALLIC GOD and other poems''.His third dream anthology 'Contemporary Love Poetry''.He is a shameless innovator and ruthless experimenter, obsessed with his own phrase''Back to Poetry''.

Dr.Tripathy has translated poems of many modern poets from Oriya and Urdu.His poetry, shows his troubled emotional world.One of the finest love poets of our time, Tripathy is edgy, angst-ridden, mystical, death-obsessed.For him poetry has no end because the end is only poetry.

Teaches English in B.J.B college, Bhubaneswar, India.

Sailendra Narayan Tripathy's Works:

Poesie India International, The Trapped Word, I am Phallic God and other poems, Contemporary Love Poetry, Hole in Soul, My Father in Heaven; an Indian Kaddish Updates

For 's'

Every girl is a sadist
I never expected you to be worse.
One thing I didnt understand
Why your bavk is so white
Your breasts are so light
And you walk shivering like a rabbit.

God created rose
And you gave me thorns

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