Saint Eule

Rookie - 10 Points (10/30/1955 / Shamokin, Pa)

Saint Eule Poems

1. A Diamond In The Ground 2/16/2012
2. A Glacier Of Clear Thought 2/16/2012
3. A Holy Man Steps 9/29/2011
4. A Rose Poem For Pat 11/8/2015
5. A Somber View Of You 9/18/2011
6. A Thousand Orchids 9/26/2011
7. A Woman In Labor 8/28/2011
8. Ad Somniator 2/16/2012
9. All The Placid Places 10/1/2011
10. Angel And The Bee 7/31/2010
11. Angelic Decryption 1/22/2011
12. Another Journey 7/5/2012
13. Aparrently Not A Parent 10/7/2011
14. Aryanacos Pod 2/20/2011
15. Autumn With Grandpa 7/27/2010
16. Battle Cry 1/8/2011
17. Calligraphy Of The Soul 11/24/2011
18. Cape May 11/21/2010
19. Captured In Time 7/14/2011
20. Cardinal Pecking On The Window 10/30/2011
21. Celestial Opus 1/8/2011
22. Climbing A Mountain Top 7/9/2012
23. Collecting Your Thoughts 10/30/2011
24. Common Sense Is Divine 6/11/2013
25. Conception 5/26/2012
26. Creative Dust 7/6/2013
27. Dancing Sun Raging Moon 12/24/2010
28. Dandelion Dogma 10/14/2010
29. Daystar 12/14/2010
30. Diamond In The Rough 12/19/2010
31. Divine Madness 4/1/2012
32. Donate Your Organs 2/19/2011
33. Drums Of The Sioux 2/20/2011
34. Eternal Gift A Greeting Card 12/13/2011
35. Eternal Life Has Begun 2/19/2013
36. Everlasting Arms 12/11/2010
37. Faceless Hunger 1/30/2011
38. Fiend And Friend 2/19/2011
39. Fifty Years Ago Today 8/2/2011
40. Filio Unitas Pace 2/13/2012
Best Poem of Saint Eule

Remember The Goose

I awoke to the bird calling outside my window,
A new day has begun, my mind is hungover with thoughts of yesterday.
A wild goose is heard in the distance.
The bird seems to be calling for his nestlings, probably long
dispersed in the forest.
The goose seems to be have purpose, his trumpet is sure, he knows
others will join the journey to a more lavishing sunrise.

If only I was as sure as the goose, free to sail the sky with
a natural compass.To go north or south as the need arise.

My mortal mind has recently learned of a friend who has passed.
A tear ...

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Autumn With Grandpa

It was a cloudy day, my grandson pointed at the sky. He said ' the stars are still there you just cannot see them because of the clouds'.
I held his hand and said ' The stars are like the truth often we cannot see it because of the clouds'.
There is nothing more inspiring than a conversation between a grandfather and a grandson.

When you were born, I cried with joy.
My scrawny little boy.
When you took your first october fall.
I picked you up and brushed off a leaf from your

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