Saket Suman

Biography of Saket Suman

Saket Suman is a New Delhi based journalist and the author of Little Tales Of Little Things (2011) . The Birthday Present, Play with Tagore, Never Again and The silent trees of Darj are among his popular short stories which have featured in noted literary magazines including, Fence,8th Day, Conjunctions, Stories and Readers raid among others.
Among his most read poems are, A little love song of little things, Reminiscences, Forgotten lores, A Dry Winter Evening, Sleepless night, A sweet sad sonnet and When you are gone. Several of his poems have been parts of poetry anthologies like, Inspired by Tagore, Five years since, Silver lining, Desperate hearts and Nostalgia.
He is associated with The Statesman and writes regularly on literature, human interest, travel, environment and concurrent issues.

Saket Suman's Works:

Little Tales of Little Things Updates

Friends Forever

the parlour of my heart was empty, no wheels in my cart,
sweet friends, you filled the gap~you filled the heart!
lifeless was my life ~no rain no breeze,
sweet friends, you painted it with memories!
you've struggled for words when my verses didnt rhyme,
you've given me an hour when you had no spare time!
when my life turns challenging and misfortunes seem to crush,
the memories come to light of the daes spent together by us!
days we have spent together~ together we spent the hour

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