Saket Suman

Saket Suman Poems

1. Waiting For Your Sweet Retreet 2/5/2012
2. I Am Desperate 2/5/2012
3. I Never Dreamt That I Would Break 2/5/2012
4. Oh Rains-Carry Me 2/5/2012
5. Sweetheart Darjeeling 2/5/2012
6. Friends Forever 2/5/2012
7. When You Are Gone 2/5/2012
8. When You Think To Die 2/5/2012
9. Reminiscenes 2/5/2012
10. Turmoil Of A Sleepless Night 2/5/2012
11. Ye Are The Light 2/5/2012
12. A Little Love Song 2/5/2012
13. Do Not Let Her Love Affect Your Love 2/5/2012
14. A Star Is Born-They Will Kill Her 2/26/2012
15. An Autobiography Of The Earth 2/26/2012
16. An Innocent Prayer 2/26/2012
17. Living In The World Of Devils. 2/26/2012
18. They Are The Friends.. 2/26/2012
19. Passion Of Youth 2/26/2012
20. There Is A U-Turn 2/26/2012
21. .....And The Teacher Goes Out! ! 2/26/2012
22. Untitled Pieces I 9/22/2012
23. Untitled Pieces Ii 9/22/2012
24. Untitled Pieces Iii 9/22/2012
25. Untitled Pieces Iv 9/22/2012
26. Untitled Pieces V 9/22/2012
27. A Prayer For Nepal 4/30/2015
28. Glow Glow Thou Dark Night 4/30/2015
29. Thoughts On A Diwali Night 4/30/2015
30. Between These Lines And Those Lips 4/30/2015
31. Love And Gone 4/30/2015
32. Forgotten Lores 4/30/2015
33. May Be You'Ll Never Know 4/30/2015
34. Oh Mahbert 4/30/2015
35. Untitled Pieces Vi 9/22/2012
36. A Dry Winter Evening 2/5/2012
37. A Sweet Sad Sonnet 2/5/2012
38. Tears Of A Teen 2/26/2012
Best Poem of Saket Suman

Tears Of A Teen

They say our life is happy â€" so full of fun,
They call it advices when they point a gun,
Dad says ‘you only have to study â€" why can’t you’
Dear elders â€"wait a while, come and wear into my shoe!
Unit test are coming up â€"beware,
You must study till late-learn and prepare!
Don’t be coward â€" you are on the soccer field,
Bend like Beckham you must win a shield!
Oratory is the art of public speaking
you must participate, it’ll be interesting!
The quizmaster is confusing, you see,
Go through Telegraph, Statesman ...

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Sweetheart Darjeeling

Three hours of walk uphill from the town,
The woods grew thicker and the world down,
Heart panting – eyes floating in the wooden beaker,
Oh! It was dark yet darker-deep yet deeper!
I heard Frost calling and recalled the “snowy evening”
The sky still silent-a colorful sunrise brought the morning! !

Which way shall I go was the question,
Shall I obey the lessons learnt or opt to learn?

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