Saket Suman

Saket Suman Poems

1. Waiting For Your Sweet Retreet 2/5/2012
2. I Am Desperate 2/5/2012
3. I Never Dreamt That I Would Break 2/5/2012
4. Oh Rains-Carry Me 2/5/2012
5. Sweetheart Darjeeling 2/5/2012
6. Friends Forever 2/5/2012
7. When You Are Gone 2/5/2012
8. When You Think To Die 2/5/2012
9. Reminiscenes 2/5/2012
10. Turmoil Of A Sleepless Night 2/5/2012
11. Ye Are The Light 2/5/2012
12. A Little Love Song 2/5/2012
13. Do Not Let Her Love Affect Your Love 2/5/2012
14. A Star Is Born-They Will Kill Her 2/26/2012
15. An Autobiography Of The Earth 2/26/2012
16. An Innocent Prayer 2/26/2012
17. Living In The World Of Devils. 2/26/2012
18. They Are The Friends.. 2/26/2012
19. Passion Of Youth 2/26/2012
20. There Is A U-Turn 2/26/2012
21. .....And The Teacher Goes Out! ! 2/26/2012
22. Untitled Pieces I 9/22/2012
23. Untitled Pieces Ii 9/22/2012
24. Untitled Pieces Iii 9/22/2012
25. Untitled Pieces Iv 9/22/2012
26. Untitled Pieces V 9/22/2012
27. A Prayer For Nepal 4/30/2015
28. Glow Glow Thou Dark Night 4/30/2015
29. Thoughts On A Diwali Night 4/30/2015
30. Between These Lines And Those Lips 4/30/2015
31. Love And Gone 4/30/2015
32. Forgotten Lores 4/30/2015
33. May Be You'Ll Never Know 4/30/2015
34. Oh Mahbert 4/30/2015
35. Untitled Pieces Vi 9/22/2012
36. A Dry Winter Evening 2/5/2012
37. Tears Of A Teen 2/26/2012
38. A Sweet Sad Sonnet 2/5/2012
Best Poem of Saket Suman

A Sweet Sad Sonnet

My mornings smiled in the faint gleam of the moon,
while we sat together and held our soon,
the new water is cold but colder was my hand,
and the passion of your palms probed them in the sand,
you looked into my eyes and told me all about you,
the night slowly faded and the sky turned blue,
I hesitated to tell: oh! your gracious eyes true,
and I confessed the only girl I loved was you!

But those days were short, you spurned me through,
Oh! I rained to sow, prosperity and then flooded you!
Yet I am patient - patient like the drops of rain to wet, ...

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When You Are Gone

I am broken without you my sister,
You were my guide, you were my teacher.
My life was in slumber, you taught me to stand,
Each time I fell, you held my hand!
You showed me hope in my dreadful despair,
Pieces of my heart are longing for your care.
You gave me courage to accept my fate,
I want your love again but its now too late!
My darling sister who believed in me,

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