Sakhile 85TEN25 Koaho

Sakhile 85TEN25 Koaho Poems

1. Isn’t That True? 9/15/2009
2. Its Funny How Map’s Helps Us Find Our Way Back Home. 9/15/2009
3. Where There’s U 9/15/2009
4. Whatever U Want, Want, Want! 9/15/2009
5. Stuck In Traffic 9/15/2009
6. You 9/15/2009
7. In My Mind 9/15/2009
8. Gone 9/15/2009
9. Prayer 9/15/2009
10. Love Will Mess U Up People 9/15/2009
11. I Am In Motion, Poetry In Motion 9/15/2009
12. I Like 9/15/2009
13. Loving Someone 9/15/2009
14. Love Drama On A Friday (Part 1) 9/15/2009
15. Love Drama On A Friday (Part 2) 9/15/2009
16. Thoughts 9/15/2009
17. Thoughts (Reloaded) 9/15/2009
18. Feedback Of What's Happening After You Left (Part 1) 9/15/2009
19. Feedback Of What's Happening After You Left Part 2) 9/15/2009
20. Come On! How Could U? 9/15/2009
21. Kinder Feeling Down Today 9/15/2009
22. What You Talking About? 9/15/2009
23. You Said I Should Write 9/15/2009
24. Soweto 9/15/2009
25. How Could (The Response) 9/15/2009
26. Tell Me You Still Don'T Care? 9/15/2009
27. Sakhile 'We Have Built' (Thats My Name) 9/15/2009
28. So-Where-To 9/15/2009
29. What Is Love? 9/15/2009
30. Communication 9/15/2009
31. I Feel You, But Do You Feel Me? 9/15/2009
32. Down And Out 9/15/2009
33. Stop Stressing... 9/15/2009

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Stop Stressing...

Iesh! This is building tension,
Should I put a sign written 'c.a.u.t.i.o.n'?
Don't burn up like these useless Power Stations?
Rather say something as if you just walked out of a brain storming session.
Pick up yourself and do your corrections,
In no time you will blow up like the latest t-shirt creation.
But whatever you do take precaution.
Some people can make your life miserable like detention.
So that u can lock yourself up like 'top security documentation'

But don’t stress I will always be here for you.

Yours truly,
Your best friend

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You Said I Should Write

Maybe you right.
There's certain things about you I can't say in person,
Hopefully writing it will appear with passion.

They say first impression is last,
But does this mean what we have is last?
Even though the first impression didn't last,
My expression of you will never rust.

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