121. A Deserted Soul 11/16/2007
122. Beware He Is Coming 11/29/2007
123. An Evening With My Angel 12/1/2007
124. A Meeting With Luck And A Poet 12/4/2007
125. Mercy From Above 11/21/2007
126. Be Precious 7/27/2012
127. A Young Man Between A Father And Daughter 7/31/2012
128. Brindha! My Daughter 11/4/2009
129. A Crown And My Battles 9/7/2009
130. Poverty 1/29/2008
131. To My Dear Kitten! 8/6/2009
132. Chase! India Chase! 10/8/2007
133. My Dream And My Nation 7/16/2007
134. Inspire Me 8/29/2007
135. Life And Death 8/17/2007
136. A War Between God And Him 5/13/2007
137. A Day With My Daughter 11/27/2007
138. Diwali 10/19/2009
139. Warning Of A Worm 10/19/2009
140. My Stand In This Life 11/18/2007
141. First Sin 10/24/2009
142. A Night With Her Beauty 10/31/2009
143. My First Delivery 10/13/2009
144. Please Appear Again.. 7/18/2009
145. A Cry Of A Sinner 2/24/2009
146. A Diamond In The Pebbles 1/20/2008
147. Nirvana [nude] 9/7/2009
148. Ilakkiya, My Love! 7/29/2009
149. An Inquiry Towards Truth 10/23/2009
150. My Travels In The Hell 10/14/2007
151. Love And Lust 8/21/2007


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Love And Lust

Love is something devine
falls from the heaven to earth
It expects nothing for it but
It renders everything to others including itself
Love never ends in lust but
it grows as affection and respect
Lust expects to exploit others
to satisfy it's needs
Matured love becomes grace
lust may not be so
Lust spoils the character and life
when it develops as aggressive
Love never feeds the violence but
Lust grows in violence and feeds violence
To my Younger generation!
have a love to smash the lust
Pave the way to peace and
take this world to that ...

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Who Am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

and what is my role here

What for I have been created

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