salha kibwana

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Biography of salha kibwana

Born and raised in East Africa in a humble country i call home but historically named Tanzania.On the fourth of may 1988, i took my first breath in this blessed world.Just like a flowing river i have passed through differernt courses ons with smooth survace ones with obstacle, i have lost my energy renewed my energy and daily is a challlenge, but i live mylife to the foolest.All in all WRITING is my passion, my companion, and my world. Updates


Your words so spiteful that pierced my heart, I consider you a murderer
You shattered and killed my dreams, I name you a murderer
You slandered my name as u assassinated my reputation, you are a murderer.
You smothered and crucified each hope left in me, I brand you a murderer
I sentence you to death because you took the life from,
My pride, dreams, reputation, and hope.

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