salha kibwana

Rookie (04/may / Tanzania)

Biography of salha kibwana

Born and raised in East Africa in a humble country i call home but historically named Tanzania.On the fourth of may 1988, i took my first breath in this blessed world.Just like a flowing river i have passed through differernt courses ons with smooth survace ones with obstacle, i have lost my energy renewed my energy and daily is a challlenge, but i live mylife to the foolest.All in all WRITING is my passion, my companion, and my world. Updates

Heart Vs Mind

A beautiful young being, Still at the tender age
Influence sweeps like aplague, she is sweeped where the wind blows,
no other being seems right but herself, feeling like evryone seems to run her life
As blind as a bat she still trying to find herself, as the mind and heart r on a strife

His voice allures her into the cave, Her mind hestitates but her heart is brave
She is lead by her heart, and not the timid mind
multi-voices shout out all sorts of things, but his eyes draws her attenti

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