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Hey all, Salina here! I'm a freshman in High School, back on the bottom of the food chain. None of you need to know where I go to school, because it's such a small town, none of you will have heard of it anyway, but I'll tell you I'm in New York (not the city.. somewhere upstate with the cows) . I guess you could say I'm doing pretty well in school, even though I ONLY have an 83 in English. u.u; Anyway, yeah.. So I'm fourteen, and I do karate a couple nights a week (I'm testing for black belt in the end of January!) and I also help my instructor teach the classes of younger students. Most of my poems have to do with love and heartbreak, cuz I'm such an emo kid like that.: 3 I get my inspiration from my wonderful friends who've helped me through everything I've had to deal with, 'specially Kizu, my best friend in the whole world, Anne, who got me on this site, Alex, my best guy friend who is completely awesome, and Kye, my brother who I love to death. So, that's pretty much all you need to know about me (since Anne's the only one who's gonna read this anyway) . But if you're interested in getting to know me better, feel free to message me and I'll answer your questoins.
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The Key To My Heart

It’s locked up tight, this heart of mine.
Do you dare cross the line?
For I gave been a fool, you see.
To each potential I give a key.
And with every love and every lust,
Before that lock has chance to rust,
I back down and I change the lock,
For fear of heartbreak, pain, and mock.
So, you see, this lock is my newest one.

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