Sallie Marie Tompkins

Rookie (Plum Branch, SC)

Sallie Marie Tompkins Poems

1. 'Crooked Pleasures' 11/17/08 11/17/2008
2. 'My Lips' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
3. 'Can I Talk To You' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
4. 'I Forgot To Tell You' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
5. 'Legacy On A Front Page' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
6. 'My Pencil' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
7. 'My Pen' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
8. 'Brisk Wind In Chicago' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
9. 'Pancakes And Bacon' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
10. 'Check This' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
11. 'Freeze' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
12. 'Watch Out' 12/8/08 12/8/2008
13. 'Crazy Milk' 12/12/08 12/13/2008
14. 'Art Class' 12/15/08 12/15/2008
15. Organized Confusion 10/14/2007
16. 'The Waking Of Yesterday' 12/12/2005
17. 'Cool Breeze Delight' 8/3/2006
18. Forgiveness 10/14/2007
19. 'Shake A Little' 12/12/08 12/13/2008
20. 'A Poet Is' 8/3/2006
21. 'I'M In Love With You' 12/8/2008

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'I'M In Love With You'

I'm in love with you,
I fell in love with you during a difficult situation.
I adore the brisk wind that lifts up off of the lake,
that pertrudes to my face.
I mean, I'm digging you.
I long to court you, not to marry you,
yet get a spot to get to know you.
Frequent visits stir my heart to believe,
that we could last forever!
Your foundation is deep like the sea,
captivating my emotions for eternity.. wwwwwwwhhhhhhooooooo!
You are the wind, you are the wind, that blows
and stirs my heart in the right direction.
I'm telling you, I'm digging you more ...

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'My Pen' 12/8/08

My pen erases sin,
demolishes strongholds to let people live again.
A soul is my point of target,
check out Walmart for daily pen bargains.
Finances are curved by a ballpoint to keep my life in check.
If I don't, my life would be a wreck, and out of control like the little friends on Shrek.
My pen gives me the best,
and eases my mind and puts my soul to rest.
My pen is navigation for my future, a call to the wild,

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