Sally Minns

Rookie (08-26-1992)

Biography of Sally Minns

I started writing just befor I turned 16 when i was in a bad time in life. My life is changing so i took up writing. I was writing a book but it turned out bad so with the help of a friend i started writing poems. i hope to keep writing and some day have a book of poems. I have one arm and not many people get to know me but lifes not about what you look like it's about who you are on the inside. I love to write even if i dont have time i still think about my writing. Updates

I Will Be Me

im letting go of everything i know
im letting people in
lifes is no longer about them
its about me to
the pain comes harder
but it gose faster to
why do i do this
i missed so much till now
now its all new

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