Sally Minns

Rookie (08-26-1992)

Biography of Sally Minns

I started writing just befor I turned 16 when i was in a bad time in life. My life is changing so i took up writing. I was writing a book but it turned out bad so with the help of a friend i started writing poems. i hope to keep writing and some day have a book of poems. I have one arm and not many people get to know me but lifes not about what you look like it's about who you are on the inside. I love to write even if i dont have time i still think about my writing. Updates

Ashes And Hearts

Ashes to ashes
Hearts to hearts
This world is doing nothing but falling apart
We need time to slow down
But it only speeds up
Life’s a disease that never stops growing
It spreads and spreads till we’re all choking
People get going people get scared
People take lives and don’t even care

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