Sally Plumb Plumb

Gold Star - 8,345 Points (23 9 1940 / Haverhill Suffolk England)

Sally Plumb Plumb Poems

361. Late Friday Night 6/29/2012
362. Getting Fat 6/28/2013
363. Shades Of Love 8/1/2013
364. Jack Spratt 12/27/2011
365. 6 P.M. 6/8/2010
366. Bebe 7/29/2009
367. Annoyance 9/5/2009
368. Wildflowers Live On 3/14/2009
369. 1957 8/4/2010
370. Moon Song 3/18/2009
371. Dream On 3/24/2009
372. Be Kind Be Sweet 7/8/2009
373. Twilight 3/30/2013
374. Another Shade Of Blue 6/27/2012
375. Bad Rivers 10/12/2010
376. Death Of A Woman 5/12/2009
377. Yellow Iris 5/23/2010
378. Smile 3/14/2009
379. A Slow Smoke 3/14/2009
380. Cloud 7/2/2009
381. Separation 8/14/2013
382. Anger 3/19/2009
383. Breakfast 4/26/2009
384. Perfect Silence 10/7/2009
385. Angels 5/9/2009
386. A Dark Fire 5/8/2009
387. Infinity 5/8/2013
388. Apple Tree 3/14/2009
389. A Question Of God 5/17/2009
390. A Humorous Death 5/2/2009

Comments about Sally Plumb Plumb

  • Prabir Gayen Prabir Gayen (12/14/2018 12:09:00 AM)

    Very versatile thinker........

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  • Terry Dawson (1/17/2016 2:06:00 AM)

    An Emily Dickenson for our times, perhaps?

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  • David Shoestring David Shoestring (3/26/2014 3:20:00 AM)

    Hi Sally,
    I chose a poem of yours at random - 1957 -
    black lashed
    Saturday morning spenders”
    ‘Good God’ I thought …were you there? ’
    Straight back to the ‘Riviera’ and ‘Elasona’ coffee bars and the local ‘Plaza’ on Saturday nights.
    Another couple - ‘Aunt Rose’ you say is kid’s stuff - we were all kids at one time and ‘Seagull’ - how often we fail to notice the things we frequently see. Great work.

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  • Allan Farran Allan Farran (1/13/2012 5:35:00 AM)

    Yes the universety of life of which I am one also gd to read your poems. I hav been writing poetry myself for about 20 years untill recently didnt know they were any good. Now I realise and now it flows.

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  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (10/14/2011 4:50:00 AM)

    Most Respected Madam,
    I have posted few poems, if possible please read once my poem bcoz your comments shall be more valuable than my poems
    with kind regards
    ramesh rai

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  • Silly Artist (9/18/2011 2:23:00 PM)

    great work sally. and thank you 4 commenting on my page. you are truly a great woman!

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  • The 4am Poet Worm (7/12/2010 6:40:00 PM)

    strange how the small poems have the biggest effect.....scattering words around the rim of my mind :)

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  • The 4am Poet Worm (6/2/2010 6:17:00 PM)

    wow so many poems which is your favourite? ... please read my birthday song..

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  • Jerry Hughes (12/13/2009 2:16:00 AM)

    University of life? Join the club. Cheers, Jerry

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Best Poem of Sally Plumb Plumb

A Humorous Death

Distance stretches
to the horizon,
over the edge
is the distance down.
I am over
Falling slow as a feather.

My past passes me,
It is a long way,
the bottom.
In the mortuary of mind
lay my ancestors
arms open and calling.
The dying left in me
will not speed its entirity
towards the inevitable.

>> <<

My ancestors are laughing now.
Applauding joyfully,
glad that I am released
from the restrictions of being.

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You are like
a poem.
Patterned around
your face
like memories
laced together
with strings of petals
are my kisses
for you.
Lightly I look
into your eyes
crying those kisses
I miss you.

Sally Plumb

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