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Biography of Salma Ahmed

Salma Ahmed Ayman, Born in Cairo, Egypt 28th June 1991 spent most of my childhood in KSA. A last year physical therapy student. I Started writing poetry at the age of fourteen, I use writing as a way to materialize dreams, hopes and fears inside me so I can better deal with them and put myself through more of life than what it offered. And to discover places in me I never knew existed.
Later on, it became how I express myself to the world around me and without I ever realize or control it, I developed a passion for writing, especially poetry.
I believe life is to experience things and I believe that god created us to seek happiness through peace, purpose and passion.
When i put my head up to something I give it my all, as I never like to come unprepared and some may say I’m a bit of a perfectionist, when in fact I’m just looking to give out my best and make progress. The purpose of publishing my poetry online is to get whats in my mind and my soul to that point out of the timeline where I can be heard and challenged and to allow myself and people to reevaluate and reconsider even whats most fundamental about our lives and ourselves, so I can keep growing and stay happy and hopefully help people to do the same, even if it’s by just feeling understood. Growth is the key of living and not survival, and that is why it's a never ending process.

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Salma Ahmed's Works:

None yet, but on my way to changing that Updates

A Bird

A thought in me is left unspoken,
A secret to my very own soul,
Maybe it's in the cracks hidden between the broken,
Maybe the thought itself is broken from the fall.
My heart's desire is a bird,
Young, free and filled with belief,
With a voice to the world unheard,
Inside my lands it renders relief,
liberating from all the grief.

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