Salman Javid

Salman Javid Poems

1. Values 10/8/2007
2. I, The Lord 10/8/2007
3. Destiny 10/8/2007
4. The Face 10/8/2007
5. Tale Of A Lad 10/8/2007
6. What I Be! 10/8/2007
7. The Silence After The Whispers 10/8/2007
8. Picture 10/8/2007
9. The Power Of Verses 10/8/2007
10. Hallucination 10/9/2007
11. The One 10/20/2007
12. The First Person 10/20/2007
13. The Price 10/20/2007
14. The Princess And The Jungle Boy 10/20/2007
15. The Stars 10/20/2007
16. Misery 10/20/2007
17. Like A Rainbow 10/20/2007
18. A Stranger Like Me 10/20/2007
19. Thou Goodness 10/28/2007
20. Thee Respect Within 10/28/2007
21. If I Wish 11/23/2007
22. I Remember 3/13/2008
23. The Fight Within! 6/12/2008
24. And There You Are 1/17/2009
25. The Magic 9/29/2009
26. The Dearest 10/31/2010
27. Random Walk 10/31/2010
28. Once Ago 10/31/2010
29. Nothing Closer To Life 10/5/2007
30. Perhaps 10/31/2010
31. The Last Good Bye 10/31/2010
32. The Passing Of Youth 10/31/2010
33. And When The Bell Tolls 10/31/2010
34. The Mystery Man 10/5/2007
35. Gods And Humans 10/31/2010
36. You Are You! 10/20/2007
37. The Journey 10/15/2008

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Best Poem of Salman Javid

The Journey

Life is a journey,
A long and twisted one, in which,
We find ourselves- we lost ourselves,
And find ourselves again after getting lost;
A journey, which never ends,
As at every end, there is ever a new beginning;
So it goes on, even beyond death,
As at times even death is not significant,
If that is not true then,
Why we know so many of the past,
Such great souls, who will ever live,
And help us out in our journey too,
So one should look at the great of the past,
And live to extend our journey beyond our times!

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Nothing Closer To Life

Nothing closer to life than death,
Nothing a better friend of life than death;
Life and death are no different,
Perhaps they are only the two phases of the truth,
One mortal, the other immortal;
So, if they are no different:
Why the living are afraid of death;
Why the living crave for longevity of life;
The end of which is certain one day,

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