Sam Adeyinka

Rookie [Samuel Kermis] (January 20th 1991 / Lagos, Nigeria.)

Biography of Sam Adeyinka

Sam Adeyinka poet

Playwright Samuel Kermis, a pen name for Adeyinka Damilola Samuel born at Lagos, near Ibadan in western Nigeria at exactly 8pm is a Nigerian motivational writer and an talented speaker. He is the Founder and CEO of a fast growing Organization known as Askwright International Centre. He used the pen name Samuel Kermis as a monument to his devoted mother, Oluwakemi Adeyinka nee Shitta-bey, who is now late.

He fell in love with writing some two years ago and started writing articles and later moved on to write for his church magazine; best known as 'SUCCESS HINT’ and ‘DYNAMIC ISSUES’ respectively. He is the author of a bestselling book titled ‘You are the Success Factor. He likes being natural and talking to people, he dislikes discrimination and greed. He is a savvy Nigerian populace, an avid reader and voracious consumer of any book, in particular, Motivational Piece.

He started his website; http: // as a way to create an intellectual community. He post every day on topics of interest to his readers, and considers the reader comments even more important than his own posts!

He loves writing, listening to country and classical music, he is more of an assertive person. His achievement so far is due to leaning on the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of him and to his sheer hard work, determination and perseverance.

He is a young thespian and have starred in a radio presentation with Onileagbon titled “The New Politician” where he played the role of Honorable Cole, a stage play titled “Igbangaladi the Enemy Within” where he played the role of Emissary. His recent stage performance includes “Eziza” where he played the role of Olula with Dynamic Christian Studio. He has also starred in other drama presentations both home and abroad.

Samuel as written eight poems so far in his career as a creative writer, these poems include; My Love, Ideas rule the World, and gruesome Spam and among many others. He also has written two stage plays; Pilgrim’s Journey, and God’s Time.

Sam Adeyinka's Works:


Gruesome Spam

I surfed tiredly on my my box, And what do I see?
It is this junk mail which I see before me.
I don't remember asking for you, yet I frequently get you,
Come let me trash you, you virtual sore.
Why do you come to me, you unwanted spam?

You come in astronomic numbers,
Making my mailbox crammed with virtual squatters,
Gmail and Yahoo I'm accustomed to,

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