Sam Arjomandi

Sam Arjomandi Poems

1. Life Becomes Meaningless The Day I Can'T See You 12/13/2006
2. I Sent You A Card For A Valenteine 10/8/2007
3. I Wish You New How Much I Miss You 12/17/2007
4. Expressing Love With Comuter Language 12/24/2007
5. The Devils In Our Minds And Around Us 6/15/2008
6. I Don’t Want Any Super Star, All I Want Is You 9/3/2008
7. What Are You Going To Do When She Says Goodbye 9/12/2008
8. Nobody Promise You Life To Be Fair 11/25/2008
9. Look What You Done To Me 11/29/2008
10. Never Ever Give Up The Hope 12/7/2008
11. Could Computer Eventually Turn Out To Be Human Enemy? 12/20/2008
12. Love Can Light Up Your Heart 12/22/2008
13. Valentine Is Not All About The Gift 2/1/2009
14. Valentine's Day Card Made Of Flowers For You Who Are So Special To Me 2/1/2009
15. A Valentine's Day Without You 2/8/2009
16. The Best Liars Are The Worst Lovers 4/26/2009
17. Personality Vs Wealth And Fame 5/24/2009
18. What Would You Do, If You Know You Have One Day To Live 8/27/2009
19. Spirit Communicate With Us Through Dream 9/10/2009
20. Please Don’t Ask Me, Why So Much I Love You 9/27/2009
21. Which One Came First, Was It Sex Or Love 9/27/2009
22. What Is Happeniss 12/24/2009
23. Have You Ever Held Each Others Hands 12/24/2008
24. Life Is Too Short To Be Called Little 12/24/2008
25. We Never Understood The Reason Of Coming To This World 1/2/2009
26. Love With Life Time Warranty 3/17/2010
27. Love Goes Through Three Stages Till It Mature 3/20/2010
28. Are You Married To The Evil Or An Angel 8/1/2010
29. I Loved You, But You Rejected Me, What A Pity 2/4/2007
30. I Called You Today On Valentine's Day 2/10/2007
31. To All The Lovers Who Broke Up Valentine Is The Best Time To Make Up 2/12/2007
32. Sometimes Goodbye Brings Tears In The Eyes 1/16/2011
33. I Wrote On Valentine’s Day Card, Listen Girl, “i’m Still In Love With You” 2/12/2011
34. Vlentine's Day Is The Lovers New Year 2/12/2011
35. Why World Future Looks Grim 3/5/2011
36. That's What Causing Problems In Our World 9/9/2012
37. Monday Is The Most Streeful Day Of The Wek 8/16/2014
38. I Wish There Was No Broken Heart 5/2/2007
39. The Year 2100 When Computer Takes Over Human Life 3/14/2010
40. You Are What You Think You Are 12/20/2008

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  • Terry Miller-Sakar (3/26/2007 7:37:00 PM)

    I'm still looking for number 14. Don't keep us waiting...

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Best Poem of Sam Arjomandi

Romantic Love

You and me, we both look like a fire
Every time we look into each other's eyes, the flame goes higher and higher

Lets hold each other hands to keep the fire alive
that's the only way our relationship can survive

Love without the romance can't go on forever
is like a car without the gas, that love is going nowhere

Romantic love makes your heart happy and your life sweet
Once you try it, you will never quit

Among all the reasons why we should be together
Lets romantic love to be the one, that hold us together

Sam Arjomandi

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Pretty Woman

She is really a pretty woman
She is a dream girl for any single man

She is nice and good looking
She is the one every man looking

She is kind and she is smart
She can easily steals any man heart

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