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Sam Arjomandi Poems

41. Monday Is The Most Streeful Day Of The Wek 8/16/2014
42. The Year 2100 When Computer Takes Over Human Life 3/14/2010
43. I Wish There Was No Broken Heart 5/2/2007
44. You Are What You Think You Are 12/20/2008
45. Woman, Man Can’t Live With Or Without Her 12/23/2008
46. Marriage Could Be So Sweet Or Really Sour 11/27/2008
47. Why A Woman Doesn’t Like Sex Without The Love Relationship 11/28/2008
48. What Happens, When Love Goes Wrong 5/2/2008
49. I Will Never Ever Leave You 2/3/2007
50. What Real Love Has To Do With The Lust? 3/30/2007
51. Stress Can Kill You 1/15/2011
52. Tears In Your Eyes Has A Especial Meaning 8/4/2010
53. Emotional Wounds May Never Or Takes Much Longer Than Physical Wounds To Heal 1/18/2009
54. Teenager's Wish 12/2/2008
55. Greed Is The Biggest Threat To Our Civilization 3/3/2010
56. Love Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes Sometimes 8/31/2008
57. Because I Love You 2/7/2007
58. Pretty Woman 11/25/2008
59. High Heel Shoes 3/27/2010
60. That's The Way Life Is, Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Lose 11/30/2008
61. Romantic Love 11/21/2006
62. Living With A Chronic Pain 4/24/2011
63. What You Can Or Can'T Buy With Money 7/25/2010
64. Self Confidence Vs Low Self Esteem 12/21/2008
65. When The Color Of Love Fades Away 5/30/2011
66. Life Is Full Of Surprises 2/28/2010
67. I Believe In The Power Of Love 2/8/2008
68. Money Can'T Buy You Love 9/23/2007
69. You Are The Best Thing Happened In My Life 3/4/2007
Best Poem of Sam Arjomandi

You Are The Best Thing Happened In My Life

Since, we met, life for me has a different meaning
I want to kiss your hand for such a wonderful feeling

It takes one look into your eyes to forget all my troubles
When you are beside me, smile replaces my sadness

No wonder I feel so happy, when I'm with you
But when you go away, my heart cries for you

I consider myself lucky to have someone like you
I praise the God for leading me to you

You are the best thing happened in my life
That's why you end up to be my lovely wife

At the end I want you know, that I love to love you
Because that's ...

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Romantic Love

You and me, we both look like a fire
Every time we look into each other's eyes, the flame goes higher and higher

Lets hold each other hands to keep the fire alive
that's the only way our relationship can survive

Love without the romance can't go on forever
is like a car without the gas, that love is going nowhere

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