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I have joined the army. My MOS is becoming an Animal Care Specialist. I will be leaving july 13th to go to basic in Fort Jackson, South Carolinia. then I am going to Texas for AIT. I am also planning on staying single for awhille...I think right now is as good a time as any to take time for myself. Not only that but, I also want to prove Sergeant Conrad wrong. I have had four years of JROTC and I am living a wonderful life.
my brother is over in Iraq. I love my life, my job, and everything else in between.
I have strong opinions and I'm not afraid to let them show or stand up for them. You can ask any one of my friends. And for anyone out there looking to argue well, argue with me because I like a challange and I like being right.
Yes, a lot of my poetry is sad but thats because life is sad. In reality I am fun and I love to have fun. Saddness and that sort of thing is a really capturing subject and even though I write about sad things doesn't mean I can't be a happy person. I mean honestly I really have everything going for me. I have a job, I recently joined the Army, I am on track to graduate, I am on my high school track and feild team, I have good friends, an amazing family, a roof over my head, I am an aunt three times, and not only that my brother is coming home from iraq soon.
So I am a generally happy person and I love to write. this website to me isn't just a place for my poems but a place to put my thoughts.

Sam Byron's Works:

I have none at this time. However in the furture I hope to get some of my poetry published. Updates

No Longer

the insults
you hurled,
hurt to much
for her to laugh
yet, she was to stubborn
to cry.

the degrading gestures
that you thought were funny,

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