sam, corrupt S, finley

Rookie (1991 / united states)

sam, corrupt S, finley Poems

1. Beginning Of One Of My Poems 3/18/2006
2. Blinding Black 3/19/2006
3. Graceful Wings 3/21/2006
4. The Uncomplete Tale Of Guts The Black Swordsman 3/24/2006
5. Gone 4/13/2006
6. Dark Crow 4/17/2006
7. Rap Demon 4/20/2006
8. Army 4/21/2006
9. Deaths 4/27/2006
10. More White Then Black 4/29/2006
11. A Poem For Brittany Baby 5/13/2006
12. Poison 12/26/2006
13. Up In Da Hood 5/20/2007
14. Sleep On Me 5/20/2007
15. Finally Cracked 6/17/2007
16. Fame 7/4/2007
17. Cum On The Word 7/14/2007
18. A Stupid Elijah Wood Rhyme I Wrote...It Is So Not True. 7/18/2007
19. Crazy Beauty 8/30/2007
20. Criminally Guide You 9/30/2006
21. Heartless 4/25/2007
22. If U Don'T Like Yourself 7/12/2007
23. Piercing Noise 3/27/2006
24. Clever Rhyme 7/12/2007
25. I Will Come Back 3/29/2006
26. Hurt Without Friends 3/25/2006
27. Beautiful... 4/16/2006
28. Broken Wings 4/3/2006
29. Dream Rape 4/7/2006
30. I Love You! ! ! ! ! ! 4/8/2006
31. Are Girls Good Or Bad 3/23/2006
32. I'Ll Try Not To Get You Mad 3/18/2006
33. Dreaming Of A Day That Soon Comes To End 3/18/2006
34. Spinning And Grinning 3/18/2006
35. Video Games Are Evil And Bad 3/20/2006
36. Ugly 4/1/2006
37. Predator 8/22/2006
38. Sweetest Girl 5/21/2006

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Best Poem of sam, corrupt S, finley

Sweetest Girl

You’re the sweetest girl I ever met
Beautiful eyes like a rising sunset
A face as stunning as an angels glow
Her elegant heart as pure as her soul
A smile that could cheer up a sad man
Gentle hands there to help you stand
Angelic feathers fall whenever she goes
She’s a holy angel that has a cute nose
Long hair shining like the moon light
Her voice displays rhythm and might
A body that has committed no crimes
Reminisces of the sad and happy times
Never lets the world around get her down
She never lets her a smile turn into a frown
She might not be ...

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Are Girls Good Or Bad

Girls are violent and evil as all hell
Get them mad and you’ll get dark hate
There’re quite mean as you can tell
And will leave you in a gruesome state
They will make you feel bad and put you in hating whirls
They will tell you that you’re a pile of nothing
And this is the work of the oh so hating evil girls
They will rip your sanity away and have you puffing
Don’t think of the monsters who give abandonment

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