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Sam Hughff Poems

1. People Think 5/17/2007
2. Twighlight Fading 5/22/2007
3. Glass Cabinet 5/22/2007
4. Broken 5/22/2007
5. Oh My Love 5/23/2007
6. Losing-Continued 5/24/2007
7. Black Water 12/19/2007
8. Waiting 12/20/2007
9. This Dream... 12/20/2007
10. I Am Ready To Jump 12/21/2007
11. What Happened? 1/14/2008
12. Closing The Doors 3/17/2008
13. I Fell 4/2/2008
14. And Still The Water Soaks Through 4/9/2008
15. Breathe In This Heavy Air 4/11/2008
16. Cleansing 4/17/2008
17. But What Is Love? 4/22/2008
18. Losing 5/18/2007
19. New Doors 1/18/2008
20. Empty Eyes 1/23/2008
21. Something Stirs Inside 2/20/2008
22. On The Run 8/22/2007
23. Pain 5/22/2007
24. Stay With Me 12/20/2007
25. Sad Song 12/21/2007
26. The Hunt 12/21/2007
27. Great Escape 5/24/2007
28. But Still..... 1/17/2008
29. Blind 1/4/2008
30. Am I Good Enough? 3/6/2008
31. A New Day 12/20/2007
32. Happiness 5/24/2007

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Happiness, oh happiness,
waiting to burst forth from me,

To live in such splendour and
bathe in the milky sunlight,
I wish such a happiness,
existed for me.

To live in a world of anger,
trapped inside a bird's cage.
Why won't this happiness be mine?
Hatred fills my heart,
for this world full of anger,
Why can't this happiness be mine?

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Glass Cabinet

My mind so full of thoughts, that I wish it could be dead, my heart completely happy, yet so full of dread.
Tired and wide awake, though it may seem crazy, when I can't talk right or even think straight, a world so dark and hazy.
Every day goes by so fast, each one shorter than the next, its a wonder that these words can even be put into text.

There's so much I want to say, or to express what's in one's self.
But it's as if I've been locked in a glass cabinet, to sit alone on my shelf.

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