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Born in the land of Goshen, I was a wanderer of the wastelands for a time. I searched the nation for another home, only to return to the cursed land of my origin. I am a solitary creature that wishes for something more, something to make me feel like I am home. Those that I have loved are no longer tangible, taken from this plane of existence by fate, cold as it is.

Enough of the bullshit, I am 51 years old, I live alone with my two canine buddies, Charley and Buster. I like humans but after being bitten a few times, I tend to avoid them. I love sex (with humans) but after some 357 liasons, I wonder what I'm doing wrong (considering some of the rave reviews, I should be happily married) .

I am a hardcore Satanist. No, we dont sacrifice people or innocent puppies or kitties (thats just sick and STUPID) . We Dont worship anything (worship is a christian concept, as was slavery) .

I am a devotee of many arcane and obscure doctrines, which means I am a solitary being. Not that I like it so much, but I live with it.

I have a duality of body and spirit, as we all do, to either a greater or lesser extent. Yin, yang, male, female (you get the picture, maybe) .

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A Question Of Time

When is midlife?
If one lives to 100
then 50 is midpoint
70? then 35 is it
Does age cause spirituality?
If so, then why?
Death comes at any age
or at any time
Why think about death

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