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Born in the land of Goshen, I was a wanderer of the wastelands for a time. I searched the nation for another home, only to return to the cursed land of my origin. I am a solitary creature that wishes for something more, something to make me feel like I am home. Those that I have loved are no longer tangible, taken from this plane of existence by fate, cold as it is.

Enough of the bullshit, I am 51 years old, I live alone with my two canine buddies, Charley and Buster. I like humans but after being bitten a few times, I tend to avoid them. I love sex (with humans) but after some 357 liasons, I wonder what I'm doing wrong (considering some of the rave reviews, I should be happily married) .

I am a hardcore Satanist. No, we dont sacrifice people or innocent puppies or kitties (thats just sick and STUPID) . We Dont worship anything (worship is a christian concept, as was slavery) .

I am a devotee of many arcane and obscure doctrines, which means I am a solitary being. Not that I like it so much, but I live with it.

I have a duality of body and spirit, as we all do, to either a greater or lesser extent. Yin, yang, male, female (you get the picture, maybe) .

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There is a place

I go, I sometimes

dont remember what

I did but I always

want to go back

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