Samantha Arnold

Rookie (16-11-90 / Albury)

Biography of Samantha Arnold

I’m not anyone special, just a someone who finds it hard to express themself, so I put it on paper. My words can’t always describe how I feel exactly, but they can come close and if that’s all I can do right at this moment, that’s fine. So, I haven’t written a book, I’m just writing poems because I love to, and I want to somehow show how I feel and see what other people think of my poems.

Samantha Arnold's Works:

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There have been times in her life
where she’s been lost in a trance,
she wants to cry,
she feels so alone.
Her heart skips a beat,
then it races,
an erratic thud of her past she wish she never had.
An addicted adrenaline rush,
the tease of the first cut.

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