Samantha Arnold

Rookie (16-11-90 / Albury)

Biography of Samantha Arnold

I’m not anyone special, just a someone who finds it hard to express themself, so I put it on paper. My words can’t always describe how I feel exactly, but they can come close and if that’s all I can do right at this moment, that’s fine. So, I haven’t written a book, I’m just writing poems because I love to, and I want to somehow show how I feel and see what other people think of my poems.

Samantha Arnold's Works:

None at this stage Updates

Is This Where It Ends?

Cold hard ground,
Feel the Breath of the night breeze,
Silence fills empty spaces,
Shadows roam, as life itself diminishes.
Dew rains upon the ground.
Cold hard ground,
Nothingness surrounding,
Vacant life,
Vacant death,

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