Samantha Ashley

(March 07 1989 / Chicago, Il)

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Samantha Ashley poet

No David Copperfield crap here i.e. 'I was born in blah blah ect.'(Oh wow, that was very Holden Caufield-esq wasn't it?) I don't tell of my past, a little mystery is nice :) Well, let's see... oh yes, about me! I love writing, I always have and I've always been exceptionally good at it. I must admit though, I am a much better story writer then a poet. Poetry is difficult for me sometimes. I get writer's block way more often with poetry then with writing a story. I usually crank out a few good poems only every once in a while. It can take weeks or even months for me to finish just one.
My poetry tends to be dark sometimes but that's not all i write about. I write about whatever inspires me. I find life interesting and want to capture both it's good and bad side through my writing. I don't have a specific writing style either, i'm all over the place. Sometimes I write classical like E.A. Poe, Sarah Teasdale, W.B Yeats ect. Other times i go for a more modern approach. I really wanna try to bring back the old romantic style of poetry that i feel has been lacking. Anyway, if you have any questions about my poems or myself personally, don't hesitate to send a message. O.K. then, have fun and enjoy! Updates


My lovers are shadows on the wall.
Keep me away, It's existential.
Broken flesh in the darkness.
Only what is tangible can be seen.
How do you determine perspective?

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