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I write without rhyme or meter free verse just what ever I feel inside coming out in its own intricate rhythm pure unashamed passion without definable restriction I write great exhibition of feelings without shame for all control is lost

I release nothing but that raw literature that uncensored c.literature that cum before you go those unapologetic scriptures

find more of my work here more of my erotic works that is http: //

Im 32 Ive been writing since I was 12 maybe younger

I am many things yet defined by nothing thus being said I'm Influenced by a legion of passions a collection of thoughts

I love art, movies and music? ? ? ? uncontrollably Materialistic people get under my skin. I don't care about your money or your ideal that beauty has to be perfection it all looks plain and the same. Fall out of line, don't just follow everyone else and look for status and false beauty. I'm all about uniqueness and beauty from things that are amazing and different.

I admire people who are themselves
and don't strive to be the perfect image
of what the media tells us we should be.

I am a watcher
I am a writer.
I am an artist,
and expressionist.

I seek mutual understanding.
I am going to try to get the most out of life,
and learn everything that has relevance.
Lack of perspective equals ignorance
I want to see through everyone's eyes
and hear what they hear. I want to love you
and know all that has happened to you in your life cause its made you who you are.

Poetry is the only thing that can fix me
when I'm broken, break me when I'm fixed,
remind me when I've forgotten,
distract me when I'm too far in,
wake me when I'm tired,
relax me when I'm too alive
love me when I'm feeling unloved,
and holds me when I am sad.

We all try to find whats important in life,
to some people the goal may be happiness,
to some success or to others it may be beauty. Me? Well I guess I forgot to make goals while I was 'growing up' as they call it.
I was too busy observing people and trying to figure out what separates us all... and wanting to be a great many things that a thousand lives could never complete.

Obsessed with understanding why a million lonely people couldn't find each other While wishing for my own true love
but I was not the typical girl I never dreamed or planed my wedding I was more of a tomboy, climbing in and falling out of trees, punch you in the face fighting with the boys type girl and in a way I still am but I'm still more of a lover than a fighter

I claim all the responsibility
because no one else will.
I create myself every day
in the image of my ideal.
I also slowly lose the energy
to give a damn about anything
(or so I say but don't fully mean) .
I watch as the whole world
takes two steps forward and ten steps back...Digression of the masses.

I watch how celebrities try to run our lives
and tell us what to be, what to ware
or what to rebel against all while they have very little control over their own lives their fueled and controlled by their addictions and fears

Everybody's hiding behind masks
weather there made of diamonds or coal.

As Kurt Cobain said Wanting to be somebody else is a waste of the person you are.

From here everything looks like brainwashing

From here, I'm losing the will to fight anymore

From here I hope I don't stand alone?

Lessons in futility, and learning the meaning
of 'lost cause' none of us are lost causes.

Every day my heart is a little more broken
from what I see and feel

I loathe the memory of being told
not to let it get to me, What a joke

People preach ignorance in the name of happiness but that only fuels the problems and isolates us all

How can we stand by while narrow minded people preach hate?

I would rather be unhappy and aware
than blissfully in denial.

People say nothing is original anymore,
but I think that's a crock of shit and a demonstration in laziness. Each of us are original, if we can actually open our eyes and think for our self's as individuals can you imagine that world if we all knew and fully understood how unique and special we all are Every human being and/or life form is original in itself.

From there it's a matter of self-discovery
and who your friends are.

Inspiration is wonderful, but directly taking an idea and calling it your own is quite the opposite.

Everyone wants to be someone else now,
so we live in a world of isolated copy cats.
Runway fashion show lives.

I fill a thousand pages, use up a thousand pens and burn my eyes out writing in the dark... For what? Why should I give a shit anymore? But the bigger question is why can I not stop caring when it hurts me so?

I have given everyone my love
I don't play games
so don't play games with my heart
its not a toy not a bloody ball to be tossed about dropp me and I will break but I'm the only one who can put me back together
you might have made the cracks and flaws
but I'm the glue I wont be Humpty Dumpty.
I do have a hollow spot; it seems I lost my yolk like something or someone is missing.

I feel things more deeply and take everything to heart maybe that's what makes me a poet.

I have forgiven everyone who has ever tried to break me

Ive forgiven the past even though going through it alone was hard and I didn't let it make me hard but I'm not so soft either its made me better than I might have been opened my eyes to the world around me
instead of drowning in the world within myself made me see we are all drowning inside but with forgiveness in my heart
I can keep my chin above water.

I am eternally grateful for the kindness
I have received in my life,
I Love every one of you
who have blessed me with yourselves.
I miss everyone I have lost
even the family I never got to know,
and cherish everyone I have left
and who have left me.
I know I love you is not an easy thing
for most people to say
(I just wish I wasn't the only one saying it)
because saying it means
you've opened yourself up
took down the walls
you carefully built
those are the ones that when open
are open to the bone.
Than there are the ones like me
who can say I love you more easily
cause were made of bone
we don't hide from the pain
we turn the pain into words?
and artists into works of art.

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Samantha Campbell's Works:

I am published in several anthologies and I am currently working on a book of my work Updates

Prisms Of Ink

Taste the Wet
of my Ambition
let the Authentic Oral
of my Color Penetrate your Core

Full of Wails and Woes my Heart
is Secluded seeking Satisfaction
but Thriving in the Misery of Solitude

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