Samantha Harrison

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Biography of Samantha Harrison

I have written all my life... More now than ever. My soldier is overseas. The poems I have posted here are for him. Most he will see some he wont. Everyone knows there are certain poems for certain moments. I reminder to all army wives and army wives to be. Love your soldier deeply. Let him know everyday. Take his jobs around the house. When he returns safely in your arms, take down your ribbion, and give it all back to him. Be proud of him. He is keeping you safe! I work lots and weird hours. When I get a day off I collect my little papers of scribbles and put them together for your inspiration, for my memories, and of course the soldiers overseas. Please feel free to leave me a comment Updates

Come Fly With Me

come fly away with me
leave the past, be free

above the clouds and storms
where the starry sky transforms

our earthly struggles and pains
until only happiness remains

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