Samantha Jenks

Rookie (October 11th / Michigan)

Biography of Samantha Jenks

I've lived in Michigan my whole life. It's a great place to grow up in but i don't plan on staying here my whole life. I hope to be a pediatric radiologist someday and work at a hospital. I thrive under pressure but i also enjoy stabilty. Sarcasm is my main form of commnication and ill do just about anything for a laugh. I started wrting poems harcore my freshmen year. my world changed that year and dropped off again about a year ago. But all my triumphs and all my struggles make for great opportunities to write poems so thats what I do when im super happy or super depressed. I hope that some people can find likeness in what i write and help them as they helped me. Most of my poems are fairly lengthy too! Updates

You And I

You love me pulling me closer inside
I love it with you my smile can’t hide

You make me feel like everything’s all right
I lose myself into you no longer do I fight

You have this look so intense it moves me
I can’t help but stare into them this is where I want to be

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