Samantha Murray

Biography of Samantha Murray

Life passed me by until faily recently in my life, it was something i watched rather than took part in. Not by choice.
I grew into myself with the help of some strong friends and my life became what i wanted it to be.

I write poetry when there is no way for me to sum up circumstances and movements in my life in a way that can be part of conversation or it is something that i struggle to talk about. Because of this its not really something i spend alot of time structuring and rather is something with an emotional base. I cannot be the one to judge whether my style is effective or not. Updates

Unconventional Beauty

Unconventional beauty
is what you possess.
It is in your face and
in your heart no less.

Unconventional beauty
is why you endear.
It is your smile and
it is your fears.

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