Samantha Rigby

Rookie (17-04-1990 / Tasmania)

Biography of Samantha Rigby

i started writing poems in grade nine. i didnt think i had any real talent until my creative writing teacher told me to enter a competition. i got published in a book, so i just kept going, i write poems for family and friends, no one else has really seen them, so i thought i would post them to see what other people think so please tell me.
my poems are dark and some are rather sinister, but they are not about me, its kind of free writing, i write what comes to my head.
i hope you like my poems.

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Samantha Rigby's Works:

i got published in a book called 'where's your head at? ' it's not a very common book i think its is only available in schools, it was a school based competition.
later one in grade 10 i entered another comp' called the 'galaxy poetry competition' we i was published again in the anthology called 'kolidoscope of dreams' Updates


Devastation strikes
what can you do?
what could you do?
you can't see it coming
you don't see it happening
someone suffering inner horror
they smile
they shield the truth from you
not breathing a word

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