Samantha Rogers

Rookie (may 11 1993)

Biography of Samantha Rogers

My name is samantha but people call me sam for short I am currently going to pacific high school. I have only one true friend and soon to be two i hope one of them is heather i have known her for two years but she knows all my secrets to who i like and dont like I like a guy right now but i rhink he just likes me as a friend so im not saying anything I have a pretty stressful life but im not going into details about that i dont tell people my life unless i know them i write of what im feeling and right now as you can tell is pain My goal is to get away from my home were i actually feel loved. Updates

What Is Love

What is love is it a fairytale that books try to make us believe that it will come someday. Or is it a allusion that u want to believe so u do anything to make it happen. To me I know it exist but i cant find it its in a foriegn country or something Its a allusion trying to suck me in more and more everytime Im not weak i can fight but can u. do u

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