Samantha White

Rookie (September 21,1991 / Forestville, CA)

Biography of Samantha White

Samantha White poet

I am Samantha, a 14 year old girl lost in a world where I feel like no one understands me. I don't even understand myself all the time. Writing poetry is one of the few things keeping me alive. I feel I can only fully express myself through poetry. If anyone wants to talk to me, email me any time. I have been through depression, a suicide attempt, am struggling with an eating disorder, and cut sometimes. Updates

Beautiful Angel

A beautiful angel smiling and glowing,
No sign of hurt or pain she is showing.
Sparkling blue eyes shine like stars,
On her arms there’s no sign of scars.
This fallen angel from up above,
Has found someone to hold and love.
But disaster strikes, her world is shattered,
Stolen from her is all that mattered.
She cries out in pain and complete despair,

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