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Hi... all
I am girl from Syria living in Kuwait..I am a hopeful girl I have a great goals to be reached.. my favorite hobby is playing piano, drawing and me the life is just a moment in our time, we should do our best on it... and every moment in our time shouldn't be wasted...I like being special and great girl not just name and one day it would be over I love to be supported with knowledge every time even in the summer holiday.. I am in grade 11 in science and I am 16 years old I know two languages Arabic and English... but now I am learning French...nearly that is all.....

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A strong loneliness kills me
Walking alone to reach my home
Needing someone to feel my soul
Living in sadness and happiness alone
No one to share me my joy and pain
No one even knows the meanings of …
Real friendship that I can't find
In any one I met in my life
What a world we live in.! !