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1. ''Ecstasy Of A Butterflie'' 4/4/2014
2. Pyaar Mera Wasse Har Thaien 4/3/2014
3. ''El Amor'' Es Omnipresente 4/7/2014
4. Today I'M Breathing 4/15/2014
5. ''Depth Of My Life'' 5/1/2014
6. A Bird's Desire 5/12/2014
7. ''Again A Dark Night'' 5/17/2014
8. 'Lamenting Girls Is This World' 6/19/2014
9. Life On Its Edge 7/18/2014
10. Raksha Bandhan 8/10/2014
11. Love Of The God 8/27/2014
12. Knowledge 9/4/2014
13. 'Wisdom By A Dream' 10/13/2014
14. Irrevocable Days 10/18/2014
15. 'Transcendence By Divine' 11/19/2014
16. ''Existence In This Air'' 11/14/2013
17. ''Wordsless Beauty'' 1/6/2014
18. A Dark Knight 2/11/2014
19. ''Death Is Actually To Born'' 3/22/2014
20. “ਚਾਨਣੇ ਚ ਹਨੇਰਾ” “darkness In Light” 8/22/2015
21. 'Essence Of Love' 9/1/2015
22. Devil Or Angel 9/26/2015
23. अंधेरो में उजाला 1/12/2016
24. Essences Of Valentine 2/8/2016
25. A Walk To Heaven With Meditation 2/13/2016
26. Mistakes 7/22/2016
27. Phase Of Life 9/8/2016
28. अंधकार से सकरात्मकता तक 11/11/2016
29. ਮਕਸਦ 6/20/2017
30. Deep Thoughts Ii 4/4/2015
31. Nature And Its Traits 4/20/2015
32. जिंदगी 2/17/2018
33. The Guru Nanak Dev Ji 2/27/2015
34. Cycle Of Nature 11/21/2017
35. Glitter Of Sobs 4/3/2014
36. The World Existed On Lap Of My ''Mom'' 1/14/2014
37. 'Stains Rain In The Sake Of 'Vain' 12/4/2013
38. The True Writer ''God'' 11/14/2013
39. 'Words Of Fantasy World' 7/18/2015
40. ''Love'' Is Omnipresents 11/14/2013

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Best Poem of Samar Sudha

A Name Of Compassion 'Mother Teresa'

'On body she wears cheap sari, in height even bit short,

Having firm courage, in her mind she had strong Quotes'

'First step she had taken to be nun in life, with no more leisure and desire,

As all we know, on holy path no one could get bliss but the hurting fire'

'She was accepting what comes on her way,

It was her humble nature that's let her stay'

'She tried to treat, which can't be cured,

It wasn't any magic in her hand but help of the Lord'

'What is dreadful, she doesn't have that sense,

Sympathy, respect even acceptance ...

Read the full of A Name Of Compassion 'Mother Teresa'

''Wordsless Beauty''

''Pearl comes over, to a shell.'' ''So beautiful, that hard to spell.'' ''Even seems, like an angel eye.'' ''Relation with whom, gonna tie.'' ''With Sun, It gets its reflection.'' ''Explained all without any words, neither any action.'' ''Such a day, as here has risen'' ''By heart wanna love, not by vision'' Samar Sudha

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