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  • '''When a heart gets hurt, its pain comes over the words.'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Heart, Hurt, Pain, Words
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  • '''Excuses are actually made for lazy People'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Excuses, Lazy
  • '''Everyone wants sunshine but sometimes Moon's light even help us while on the path of Life'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Sunshine, Moon, Life
  • ''"Somethings are seen by heart.''
    -Samar Sudha''
    Vision of Heart
  • '''There is very hard bonding between Tears and Rain, often both fall together in Happiness and in Pain''
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Rain has relation with Pain
  • ''"Everyday Sun shines for new Experiences"
    ― Samar Sudha''
  • '''In life, you would regret definitely, either you become good person or the bad one, but being good is better to regret for'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Regrets in Life
  • '''LIFE is like to Dance, and which can be enjoyed by the Rhythm of the TIME'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Life, Dance, Rhythm, Time
  • '''Anxious fills the Enthusiasm that lifts you up from your Tiredness'
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Anxious, Enthusiasm, Tiredness
  • ''"Clean your Tongue with your Words, not with tongue cleaner"
    ― Samar Sudha''
    Tongue, Words

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A Name Of Compassion 'Mother Teresa'

'On body she wears cheap sari, in height even bit short,

Having firm courage, in her mind she had strong Quotes'

'First step she had taken to be nun in life, with no more leisure and desire,

As all we know, on holy path no one could get bliss but the hurting fire'

'She was accepting what comes on her way,

It was her humble nature that's let her stay'

'She tried to treat, which can't be cured,

It wasn't any magic in her hand but help of the Lord'

'What is dreadful, she doesn't have that sense,

Sympathy, respect even acceptance ...

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Glitter Of Sobs

''Can you see, the Glitter in my eye.

Its not coz of blisses, but coz of sobs.

''You can see my Glossy lips,

It even gets silent, coz of your Absence''

''You know you filled Colours in my life as Dark as a Rose red

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