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Hey, my names Samarah Jennyne Essler I'm 19 years old now, started posting my poems on here when i was about 13,14, . I was born in Calgary AB, but then moved to BC, and back and forth from AB to BC, I've moved about 15 times now. I love my poetry, it takes me places, it makes me feel better when i write my feelings out, also cause of the life I've had, and i get my poetry from my mom. My mom had passed away in 2007, sad story their, but I've been dealing with it alright, was hard, but time heals everything right? (sometimes, it depends) , i've had my hard times, but always come out stronger, made me stronger in many ways, and a better person today. I lived with my boyfriend for a while out in BC, but now we've came to Calgary to get somewhere in life, (not enough work in BC) But things have been a little rough a bit lately still, (thats just life for you) Me and my bf that i was with are not together anymore (close to two years going on it was together) and my dad is getting older has gotten laid off of work, and is now depressed. Times sure gets tough! But i know i still have it easier then most people out their, I will be starting college soon, within ten days, and i am so happy about that, (couldn't be happier!) So thats where my life really starts..... Even though i've had many of tough times in my life, i always come out, and i always know i come out stronger then what i am! Updates

Just Go

All I ever write is how I feel,
and all the stuff I write is real,
but don't worrie its not that big of a deal,
I'm fine,
well not all the time,
or maybe it's all in my mind,
well I don't know,
just please go,
I'm feeling low,