Sameer Agnihotri

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Biography of Sameer Agnihotri

Sameer Agnihotri is an Indian based amateur photographer and enjoys reading and writing poems. Currently he is doing his undergraduate. Passionate about photography and poetry, love to see elements of nature working and being its tiny part love to explore its depth. Updates

A Dried Tree

I was once a flowering tree arose form a baby seedling;
All I needed mother gave me,
When I was young, I was strong;
I have seen fury of Mother Nature; her anger deepened my roots, as heated and beaten carbon is diamond;
I have seen wars, I have seen pestilence;
I was ready to serve, the world always wanted more.
Scars still visible, pain forgotten ages before.
Happy I am to serve this world, gave my organs to warm mass, and gave shelter from Helios riding his chariot across the sky.

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